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There is a wealth of online resources, but it can be difficult to find reliable and accurate information. That’s why we created the Audio Help Hearing Centers blog.

Instead of searching for the answers you need about hearing loss and hearing aids, you can find the information you’re looking for in one convenient place. Audio Help Hearing Centers is committed to providing the latest content to improve your hearing experience. We will work to provide regular updates to give you the most accurate hearing health information.

How Hearing Loss Impacts Assisted Living Residents

Hearing loss can make communication even more difficult you or your loved one live in assisted living. A facility that supports the deaf and hard of hearing will support emotional, physical, and social well-being. Communicating With Hearing Loss In Assisted Living Approximately 60% of assisted living and memory care residents have hearing loss. Effective communication […]

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What Improved Hearing Aid Satisfaction Means For You

Hearing aids are doing more than ever before. Wearers experience higher levels of hearing aid satisfaction thanks to design, style, and functional upgrades.   The far-reaching implications of improved satisfaction mean you can hear and interact better. And social interaction is key to your health and well-being.   Hearing Aid Improvements Improved reception: Today’s hearing […]

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Making Working From Home Work For You

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month with a focus on workplace communication. If you have hearing loss, remote work communications can leave you feeling out of the loop. Don’t struggle on the sidelines. Video conferences and closed captions are available for your work meetings so that you won’t miss out.   Hearing Loss And […]

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Welcome Back Message from Dr. Jessica Woodson

Your team at Audio Help Hearing Centers has missed seeing you. Although conditions have changed, we have not stopped caring for patients:   taking calls responding to emails communicating through web chat mailing supplies seeing patients virtually seeing patients in the office making house calls   Our team is working together to continue to provide […]

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How Face Masks Are Affecting The Hard Of Hearing

It seems odd to suggest that a preventative health measure could have any adverse effects on the general population. But if you’re deaf or experience hearing loss, trying to communicate with someone whose mouth is covered can be a real pain. Face Masks Can Disrupt Communication   People with hearing aids often rely on lip-reading […]

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