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There is a wealth of online resources, but it can be difficult to find reliable and accurate information. That’s why we created the Audio Help Hearing Centers blog.

Instead of searching for the answers you need about hearing loss and hearing aids, you can find the information you’re looking for in one convenient place. Audio Help Hearing Centers is committed to providing the latest content to improve your hearing experience. We will work to provide regular updates to give you the most accurate hearing health information.

A smiling old man wearing headphones and using a laptop at home to take an online hearing test.

6 Myths About Hearing Loss Evaluations & Online Hearing Tests

Do you or a loved one suspect you have hearing loss? Are you unsure about scheduling a hearing evaluation? Some people simply don’t want to visit an audiologist for a hearing test, but there is an alternative. Audio Help Hearing Centers has an online hearing test that can tell if you have significant hearing loss. […]

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Woman on phone with headphones in

Understanding Hearing Loss Self-Tests and Online Hearing Tests

Taking an online hearing test can confirm your suspicions regarding your hearing loss. Self-tests are a quick and easy way to get perspective on your hearing health. What is an Online Hearing Test? It’s an assessment that includes a health questionnaire and a listening test. You’ll listen to sounds at varying pitches and volumes, which […]

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Customer on video call with audiologist

Avoiding Winter Weather? Use Our Remote Audiology Services

Cold weather isn’t for everyone. Some of our patients travel to warmer climates for the winter. Others in the New York City metro area want to stay inside to avoid the cold and snow as much as possible. If you’re one of those people, you don’t have to miss out on comprehensive hearing services. At […]

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Family enjoying the holiday

How Hearing Aids Can Help You Enjoy the Holidays

The holidays bring seasonal cheer and loved ones from near and far. Hearing loss can put a damper on your holiday merriment, but hearing aids can help you enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. During One-on-One Conversations The holidays are a good time to catch up with family and friends. Hearing loss makes […]

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Family enjoying dinner

Why the Holidays are the Time to Get Your Hearing Tested

The end-of-year holiday season brings lots of festive sights and sounds. But you may miss out on some holiday magic if you’re living with untreated hearing loss. The Benefits of Getting a Hearing Test Before the Holidays Scheduling a hearing test before the holidays provides several advantages. It will let you put your mind at […]

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