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There is a wealth of online resources, but it can be difficult to find reliable and accurate information. That’s why we created the Audio Help Hearing Centers blog.

Instead of searching for the answers you need about hearing loss and hearing aids, you can find the information you’re looking for in one convenient place. Audio Help Hearing Centers is committed to providing the latest content to improve your hearing experience. We will work to provide regular updates to give you the most accurate hearing health information.

A Paradigm Shift in Hearing Aid technology

Hearing aids have been around for over 100 years, and they have been available in the digital form, working as miniature computers, for two decades. But in the past year, the advancements in technology have propelled their capabilities of improving clarity of speech and reducing unwanted background noises into a new dimension. The biggest challenge […]

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Hearing Aid Use Improves Cognitive Function in Hearing-Impaired Elderly

A recent study at Columbia University Medical Center revealed that hearing-impaired seniors who wear hearing aids perform significantly better with cognitive tasks than seniors who don’t wear hearing aids, despite their poor hearing. Researchers also directly linked cognitive function and hearing ability in seniors who don’t wear hearing aids. More than 50% of seniors age […]

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Make Hearing Loss a New Year’s Resolution!

The New Year is always a good time to take stock and refocus on your priorities and goals. But sometimes, our motivation for resolutions lasts a few weeks and fizzle away. This year, Audio Help Hearing Centers in Manhattan, NYC wants our readers to try something different. Let’s making healthy hearing a New Year’s resolution, […]

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Background Noise – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

People who’ve suffered from untreated hearing loss know how frustrating understanding, communicating and interacting with others can be. More than likely, your loved ones encouraged you to get hearing aids. They were right, of course. But while hearing aids make a world of difference and improve overall quality of life, they aren’t without glitches. One […]

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What to Expect With Your New Hearing Aids

You’ve already taken the most important step in your hearing health journey booking an appointment with your audiologist to discuss hearing aids. Congratulations! You’re on your way to better hearing. But, how do you know what to expect? When it comes to your hearing health and hearing aids, what is “normal,” and what might warrant […]

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