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There is a wealth of online resources, but it can be difficult to find reliable and accurate information. That’s why we created the Audio Help Hearing Centers blog.

Instead of searching for the answers you need about hearing loss and hearing aids, you can find the information you’re looking for in one convenient place. Audio Help Hearing Centers is committed to providing the latest content to improve your hearing experience. We will work to provide regular updates to give you the most accurate hearing health information.

Nurse helping dizzy man out of bed.

How Hearing Aids Can Reduce Your Risk of Falls

Your ears are responsible for more than listening and sending audio signals to your brain. The vestibular structures in your inner ear also contribute to your balance control. What is a Balance Disorder? It’s a condition that makes you feel dizzy or unsteady while standing, sitting or lying down. Your balance is collectively controlled by […]

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Covid-19 Update from Audio Help Hearing Centers

Given the ongoing concerns of COVID-19, we wanted to share a few updates on precautions we are taking. The health and wellness of our patients and employees is our first priority. Your team at Audio Help is here and working to ensure you receive the care you need in a timely manner. We are increasing […]

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AudioHelp’s Upcoming Facebook Live Events

At AudioHelp Hearing Centers, we strive to educate our patients about the latest hearing aid technology. One of our goals is to give you the information you need to evaluate your need for hearing aids and accessories. Dr. Ed Bravo said, “We will go out of our way to ensure our patients have as much […]

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Will You Hear All The Sounds on July 4th?

The July 4th fireworks are such an American tradition that almost every town in the country holds its own fireworks display. If you happen to live in a building on the East River in New York City, you can look out in the horizon and see 20 or more fireworks displays in all the towns […]

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Your Mask May Affect Your Speech Hearing

Do you struggle to understand what other people are saying while they’re wearing a mask? It’s common for people with hearing loss, especially because masks hinder lip-reading and obscure facial expressions. Luckily, there are hearing aid settings that can improve your hearing. How Masks Affect Communication They muffle voices: Speech is always harder to understand […]

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