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Audio Help Hearing Centers is proud to carry all major hearing aid brands to provide you with a wide selection of the latest hearing technology and cutting-edge features. We want to ensure you receive the best hearing aid to suit your needs and budget and rely on our doctors of audiology to give you the ideal recommendation. We never promote one hearing aid brand over another because we want you to find the right hearing solution for you. Visit our frequently asked questions for additional information on general and hearing aid questions.

With Phonak hearing aids, you’ll enjoy crispy, quality audio that adjusts effortlessly to your surroundings. Phonak offers BTE, RIC and ITE hearing devices and hearing loss treatment options for single-sided deafness and tinnitus. Their technology is designed to maximize the sounds you want to hear and reduce or eliminate ambient noise.


Personalized Hearing Care Solutions

Schedule a hearing aids appointment to find the right device for you or find your hearing care professional at one of our five convenient hearing care centers.

“Thank you and your staff for your birthday greetings and for all of those [hearing aid] batteries. I’m so glad I’m part of your family. It changed my life.”

Phonak Hearing Aid Models

Auedo Life Image

Audéo™ Life

Naída™ Paradise Device Image

Naída™ Paradise

Audéo™ Marvel Device Image

Audéo™ Marvel

Virto™ Marvel Device Image

Virto™ Marvel

Bolero™ Marvel Device Image

Bolero™ Marvel

Naída™ Marvel Device Image

Naída™ Marvel

Naída™ Link M Device Image

Naída™ Link M

Sky™ Marvel Device Image

Sky™ Marvel

Sky™ Link M Device Image

Sky™ Link M

Lyric Device Image


Roger Focus II Device Image

Roger Focus II

Serenity Choice Device Image

Serenity Choice

Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories

Charge and care

Charge and Care

This wireless charging case is compatible with Audéo Marvel hearing aids. It makes charging your hearing aids a breeze, especially on the go.



This hearing accessory includes a Roger microphone and a sound processor worn around your neck. The NeckLoop requires hearing aids with telecoils to enhance ambient sounds and speech.

Partner Mic

Partner Mic

The PartnerMic is a great accessory for one-on-one conversations. The wireless device is worn by your speaking partner and streams audio directly to your hearing devices to improve clarity and understanding.

Roger On

Roger On

The Roger On can be used as a personal microphone to enhance the volume of a speaker. The microphone can be placed on the table, pointed toward a speaker or attached to a person’s clothing. It also doubles as a TV streamer.

Roger Select In

Roger Select iN

The Roger Select iN is a tabletop microphone. It adapts to your listening environment to detect the voices of different speakers. If you’re in a space with multiple people, the Roger Select iN will focus on one person at a time.

Table Mic II

Table Mic II

TV Connector

TV Connector

The TV Connector is a small device that plugs into your television and streams wireless audio to your hearing aids several feet away.

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