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Online Hearing Test

Audio Help Hearing Centers offers an online hearing screening to give you the opportunity to complete a preliminary screening in the privacy of your home, and you’ll find the link to the test below. While the online screening is not as detailed as a comprehensive hearing test, we recommend it is an early screening for hearing loss.

To start the test please select on the options provided in the box below. Select from “headphones”, “in-ear headphones” or “device speakers”.

If your equipment is working, but you cannot hear the tone during the test, we recommend scheduling a comprehensive in-office appointment.

Before You Take the Hearing Test

To ensure the most accurate results during your online hearing test, we recommend that you:

  • Find a quiet place with no background noise to complete the hearing evaluation.
  • We recommend using headphones when taking the test. A speaker option is available for those who do not have headphones. However, headphones will provide the best results because they individually test the right and left ear.

Completing our online hearing assessment allows you to assess your hearing health before visiting Audio Help Hearing Centers. If we determine you have hearing loss after your test, you’ll be prompted to schedule an appointment with our expert audiologists at one of our three conveniently located offices in New York City or Scarsdale, New York, and Stamford, Connecticut.

We’re committed to providing personalized patient care throughout your hearing journey, as well as the latest in hearing aid technology and accessories.