When Should I Upgrade My Hearing Aids?

hearing aid from behind ear

If you wear glasses, you are accustomed to updating your glasses every year or two. Whether you need new lenses or want a fresh look, you typically don’t give it a second thought when updating your glasses.

But what about your hearing aids?

A properly maintained hearing device can be effective for 3-7 years. However, there may be times when it is necessary to upgrade earlier.


Hearing Needs Change

Just as your vision can change, so can your hearing. When you come in for your regular hearing exam, the audiologists at Audio Help will assess your hearing and recommend new devices, if necessary, that will best suit your needs and hearing goals.


Updated Technology

With new technology, such as the Bragi Dash Pro from Starkey, upgrading your hearing devices can allow you to use features on your cell phone such as:

  • Bluetooth syncing of phone calls to hearing aids
  • Setting up favorite locations and audio settings for specific locations
  • Using your smartphone as a directional microphone and stream conversations into your ear.


Style Preferences

As technology changes, so do designs. Hearing aids have become smaller, and many manufacturers have models that feature color schemes that closely match hair color and skin tones.

To learn more about new hearing aid technology or to schedule a hearing test, contact any of the Audio Help centers in New York by calling 888-832-9966 or schedule your appointment online.