15th Anniversary Special

At Audio Help, we wish to say “thank you” to New York for allowing us to serve your hearing healthcare needs for the past 15 years!

In honor of our 15-year anniversary, we have some exciting limited-time specials to offer including:

  • Free Hearing Consultation
  • Free Otoscopic Evaluation
  • Free Hearing Screening
  • Free Technology Demonstration

Why choose us? Our experienced and caring staff provides great service, the most advanced technology in the industry, and a proven 15-year track record serving the residents of New York City and the surrounding areas.

We’re also offering these fantastic savings opportunities:

  • Hearing devices start at $750/each
  • Save up to $1500 on any set of premier hearing aids
  • Lifetime hearing aid checks
  • Lifetime supply of batteries

Allow us to help you on the path to better hearing. Call us today at (888) 471-0544 to schedule your free hearing screening.

Audio Help Hearing Centers…Helping New York hear better, one sound at a time!