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Lyric Hearing Aids


Audio Help Hearing Centers is proud to carry all major hearing aid brands to provide you with a wide selection of the latest hearing technology and cutting-edge features. We want to ensure you receive the best hearing aid to suit your needs and budget and rely on our doctors of audiology to give you the ideal recommendation. We never promote one hearing aid brand over another because we want you to find the right hearing solution for you. Visit our frequently asked questions for additional information on general and hearing aid questions.

Lyric hearing aids are placed deep in your ear canal by your audiologist. These invisible hearing aids provide months of continuous hearing amplification. Your audiologist will replace your Lyric devices every three to four months.

Often described as “the contact lens for your ear” the Lyric hearing aids by Phonak have many substantial benefits.

  • Clear natural sound
  • Hassle-free
  • Performs 24/7 for months at a time
  • No batteries to change

Lyric Hearing Aids in NYC, Scarsdale & Stamford

If you’re seeking “Lyric hearing aids near me,” this brand of hearing aid is available at Audio Help Hearing Centers. Before you finalize your selection of hearing aids, schedule a hearing assessment. This assessment will provide you with insights into the nature and extent of your hearing difficulties. Our audiologists are readily available across five convenient locations. They are here to assist you in discovering Lyric hearing aids, that harmonize with your unique lifestyle and personal requirements. Visit our frequently asked questions for additional information on general and hearing aid questions.

“Thank you so much for using the language I needed to hear and for really helping me! I’ve gotten over my hearing loss and rejoined the world. I’ll never forget you for this.”