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Hearing Accessories

Our personalized hearing accessories are designed to meet your unique needs and help you improve your listening experience. These sophisticated products include cutting-edge, reliable accessories that can be paired with most hearing aids.

What are Hearing Aid Accessories?

They’re devices that enhance the performance of hearing aids with functions that aren’t available in standard hearing devices. Hearing aid accessories include:

Remote microphones: These devices are paired with hearing aids and can be worn as a personal microphone to enhance one speaker’s voice or placed on a table to improve ambient audio.

TV streamers: TV streamers connect to compatible televisions and stream audio to your hearing aids, allowing you to customize the audio to your desired volume. With a TV streamer, the person with the hearing aids can listen to the television at a completely different volume than the other people in the room. You can also mute the television in the room while still listening at a comfortable volume in your hearing devices.

Hearing aid cleaning tools: Your hearing aids require regular cleaning to ensure they function correctly. Cleaning tools include brushes, wire loops, wax picks or guards and multi-tool kits.

Hearing aid batteries:  Audio Help Hearing Centers provide free replacement hearing aid batteries for our patients who purchased their devices from our offices. Batteries are free if picked up in our office. If you need us to mail replacement batteries, you can order three packages of eight batteries. We charge a $5 fee to mail batteries.

Dryers and dehumidifiers: These tools are essential to the longevity of your hearing aids. Hearing aid dryers and dehumidifiers eliminate moisture from your devices that could cause costly damage to electrical components.

Filters: You may require replacement wax filters for your hearing aids. Audio Help Hearing Centers sells filters for $7 per pack with eight filters in each pack. They can be mailed to you with the same $5 fee as hearing aid batteries.

Hearing aid clips: These accessories attach your hearing aids to your clothes to reduce the likelihood of losing a device. They’re useful for children with hearing aids and those who lead active lifestyles. The security accessories are also available as headbands.

Phonak Hearing Accessories

Phonak offers various handheld and table microphones that stream spoken audio to your hearing aids, such as the Roger On and Phonak PartnerMic. The Phonak TVLink and ComPilot can transmit audio from compatible sources to your devices so you can enjoy shows and music.

Starkey Hearing Accessories

Starkey hearing accessories include wireless options that enhance your listening performance, SurfLink devices to stream phone calls, hearing protection options, and personal audio devices. They offer table microphones, TV streamers, remote microphones and handheld devices to adjust your hearing aids.

Widex Hearing Accessories

Widex accessories help you enjoy your hearing devices during work and play. Their accessory inventory includes hearing aid dryers, TV PLAY for seamless streaming, remote microphones and charging stations.

Ask our audiologists in New York City, New York, Scarsdale, New York and Stamford, Connecticut, about which accessories can improve your hearing. Call 888-832-9966 or contact us online to learn about our products. If you have additional questions, check out the FAQs about our hearing aid devices.