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Starting Your Journey

At Audio Help Hearing Centers, our objective is to create a comfortable patient experience to maximize your hearing capabilities. You are always our main focus.

We want to get to know you as a person to understand your lifestyle and current hearing condition so we can provide you with the best possible hearing solution. Our initial objective is to determine if you have hearing loss that can be corrected with hearing aids. However, not all hearing loss requires hearing aids, so we will gladly accommodate your needs with another solution if appropriate.

Understanding your unique needs allows us to recommend the best hearing solution for you. As you get started on your journey to better hearing, we encourage you to express your insight and concerns throughout the assessment and treatment process.

Your input will help us create the perfect hearing care plan.

Our Process

During your first appointment at Audio Help Hearing Centers, we’ll spend time getting to know you and understanding your reasons for seeking audiology services.

We will discuss your medical history and ask a variety of questions, such as:

  • When did you realize you were experiencing hearing loss?
  • Have your loved ones mentioned possible hearing loss or suggested visiting an audiologist?
  • Do others tell you that the television is too loud?

We’ll try to define your type and degree of hearing loss with specific questions, including:

  • What types of voices do you struggle to hear the most, i.e., children or women?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing while you’re on the phone?
  • Is it difficult for you to hear others in noisy places like restaurants?

Our audiologists will conduct a physical examination of your ears to determine if there’s a blockage, excessive wax buildup, damage to your eardrum or an infection that may be contributing to your hearing loss.

Your Hearing Evaluation

You’ll receive a thorough hearing test in a soundproof room, and an audiologist will play different tones and words through a set of headphones. The process tests different aspects of your hearing and helps us understand your needs to maximize your hearing potential.

After the hearing test, the audiologist will assess whether you have a hearing loss that can be corrected with hearing aids and what options are available for your specific hearing needs, cosmetic preferences and budget. They may recommend you take home loaner hearing devices to try a brand and model before you purchase. If you want custom (hearing aids that are in your ears, not requiring anything behind the ear) hearing aids, we will take impressions of your ears and order your hearing devices.

Your Follow-Up Appointments ​

Successful hearing treatment requires consistent assessments. We want to check in with you regularly to ensure your hearing aids are comfortable and operating correctly.

At your appointment, we will:

  • Identify device benefits and limitations
  • Discuss your overall experience and consider your feedback
  • Make adjustments and customize your hearing aid settings

We can prescribe other audiology services and hearing accessories that will help you optimize your hearing aid experience. Those options include devices that wirelessly connect to your television and remote microphones to help you hear in noisy environments.

Audio Help Hearing Centers offer unlimited in-person and phone visits to address issues as they arise. We also host aural rehabilitation classes to help you learn better communication techniques and hearing aid care. If you have additional questions about our devices and services, check out the frequently asked questions.

Are you ready to get started on your hearing health journey? Call 855-562-0524 or contact us online to schedule our appointment.