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Hearing Aid Repairs

Keeping your hearing aids in good condition is essential to your hearing ability. Properly maintained and adjusted hearing aids will give better access to your auditory surroundings so you can enjoy socializing and listening to important sounds. Audio Help Hearing Centers offers thorough hearing aid repairs so you can bring your devices in, get them fixed and get back to hearing.

Hearing Aid Repairs Under Warranty

All hearing aids purchased from Audio Help Hearing Centers carry a warranty covering major and minor repairs. It’s important to check the length of your warranty, as they vary from one to three years depending on the brand and model of your hearing aids.

If your devices require repairs, you can schedule an appointment at one of our three locations in New York City, or our branch in Stamford, Connecticut, or Scarsdale, New York. During the repair appointment, you will need to describe the issues to a patient care coordinator so they can provide insight to the audiologist. We can usually fix your hearing aid while you wait.

However, if your devices require extensive repairs, we will send them to the manufacturer, which our office will handle at no cost to you. The length of time depends on the repair, so consult your audiologist for an estimated timeline. You will receive a loaner hearing aid while your devices are repaired.

Out of Warranty Repairs

We will conduct repairs in our office for hearing aids that are less than five years old. As with devices under warranty, if we cannot fix your devices, we will be happy to send them to the manufacturer for repair without additional costs. Manufacturers do not deal directly with patients, so you’ll need to consult a certified provider for assistance.

Our expert audiologists will provide a cost estimate for minor repairs during your visit. Manufacturer repair costs require an assessment before they provide us with an estimate. We will forward that information to you as soon as possible, so you can make an appropriate decision.

Typically, we do not fix hearing aids locally if your hearing devices are more than five years old. We can recommend a newer style of hearing aid that will suit your needs and budget.

Types of Hearing Aid Repairs

Most hearing aid repairs are minor fixes that can be completed in our office while you wait.

Minor repairs include:

  • Replacing a wax filter
  • Cleaning wax or dirt from the air canal of your hearing aid
  • Removing debris from the battery compartment
  • Repairing a damaged receiver

If the repair is more extensive than those listed above, we will send your hearing aids to the manufacturer. Those repairs are usually covered by your hearing aid warranty, except for device abuse. If your hearing aids are out of warranty, your audiologists will discuss options, but you may need to consider purchasing new hearing devices.

Schedule your hearing aid repair at Audio Help Hearing Centers. Call 888-832-9966 or contact us online. If you have additional questions, check out the FAQs about our hearing aid devices.