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Audiologists & Hearing Aids in NY Metro Area

Audio Help Hearing Centers prides itself on delivering specialized hearing solutions through personalized service and hearing aid technology provided by New York City’s top hearing professionals. 

Audio Help has five offices located in the greater New York City Area (Chelsea Village, Columbus Circle, and Park Avenue) which includes Scarsdale, NY (Westchester County), and Stamford, CT.

Audio Help Hearing Centers

Dr. Ed Bravo founded Audio Help Hearing Centers in 2000 to create an immediate impact and help others overcome hearing loss. For more than twenty years, Dr. Ed Bravo and his team of top hearing professionals have served clients throughout the New York City metropolitan area.

Our offices provide a vibrant, comfortable environment for our patients. You’ll have access to the best hearing aids and audiologists in NYC, many of whom are also fluent in Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and Polish.

Our team of expert audiologists understand that your hearing aids are unique, and we are here to provide service that suits your lifestyle and budget. To that end, we offer an optional comprehensive and personalized care package with all hearing aid purchases. And, we are always here to answer any of your questions.

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Audiology Services at
Audio Help Hearing Centers, NYC

Hearing Evaluations

Hearing tests are painless, non-invasive procedures. We want to ensure you’re comfortable and at ease during your appointment so you can fully understand your condition and make an educated decision. A hearing test is conducted in a soundproof booth so the audiologist can assess your hearing to determine if there is a need for an assisted hearing device.

Tinnitus Evaluations

Roughly 50 million Americans have tinnitus. It’s a condition characterized by ringing, whooshing, buzzing, or clicking in the ears. The first step toward successfully managing your tinnitus is a comprehensive hearing evaluation. Hearing aids often can be a viable treatment for tinnitus because they amplify and clarify ambient sounds and speech, making the ringing or buzzing in your ears less noticeable.

Diagnostic Services

As you age, your hearing will begin to decline in each ear, but your brain will work to compensate for that loss. Scheduling a hearing test at Audio Help Hearing Centers is the first step toward determining whether you require hearing aids or need to have your current devices adjusted.

Hearing Aid Assessment

Understanding your unique needs allows us to recommend the best hearing solution for you. As you get started on your journey to better hearing, we encourage you to express your insight and concerns throughout the assessment and treatment process. Our initial objective is to determine if you have hearing loss that can be corrected with hearing aids. 

Aural Rehabilitation

We host aural rehabilitation classes to help you learn better communication techniques and hearing aid care. We want you to be able to get the maximum benefit from your hearing aids, such as how to connect to your phones, computers, or television.

Healthy Hearing Program

The Healthy Hearing Program is free of charge and provides routine hearing health checkups, hearing aid cleanings and adjustments, wax cleaning, monthly aural rehab classes, hearing aid trade-in programs, and much more.


Hearing Aids & Hearing Protection in NYC

Hearing Aids

If the testing determines you could benefit from wearing hearing aids, our Audiologists will explain the various options to you and recommend what we believe is best based on your hearing loss, life style and budget. We carry all the major brands like Lyric, Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, and Widex.

Paying for Hearing Aids

We recognize that hearing aids are probably one of the biggest expenses many people will have other than their home and car. We offer several different payment plans with enable payments to pay off the price of the hearing aids over several years. Your Audiologist will discuss these plans with you.

A Long Term Relationship

When you purchase hearing aids from Audio Help Hearing Centers, it is the beginning of what we hope to be a long term relationship. We want to be with you from the time that you purchase your current hearing aids until several years later when you upgrade to the new technology that will be available at that time. We encourage you to make appointments throughout the years for cleanings, adjustments, repairs, or just to communicate with your Audiologist about hearing related topics.

Starting Your Journey With Us

During your first appointment at Audio Help Hearing Centers, we’ll spend time getting to know you and understanding your reasons for seeking audiology services.

We will discuss your medical history, lifestyle tendencies and ask a variety of questions, such as:

  • When did you realize you were experiencing hearing loss?
  • Have your loved ones mentioned possible hearing loss or suggested visiting an audiologist?
  • Do others tell you that the television is too loud?

We’ll try to define your type and degree of hearing loss with specific questions, including:

  • What types of voices do you struggle to hear the most, i.e., children or women?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing while you’re on the phone?
  • Is it difficult for you to hear others in noisy places like restaurants?

Our audiologists will conduct a physical examination of your ears to determine if there’s a blockage, excessive wax buildup, damage to your eardrum or an infection that may be contributing to your hearing loss.

Client Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in many cases, you can self-refer to an audiologist without needing a referral from a primary care physician or another healthcare provider. Audiologists are healthcare professionals who specialize in diagnosing and treating hearing and balance disorders. If you suspect you have a hearing problem or are experiencing issues with your hearing, you can contact an audiologist directly to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

The specific requirements for self-referral may vary depending on your location and healthcare system. It is always a good idea to check with local audiologists or healthcare facilities to understand their policies and procedures.

Signs of potential hearing loss include difficulty understanding conversations, asking others to repeat themselves, turning up the volume on the TV or radio, and experiencing ringing or buzzing in the ears. If you notice these symptoms, consider seeking an evaluation from an audiologist to assess your hearing health.

We generally will not service a hearing aid that is purchased elsewhere. In rare cases, we might enroll a patient in a concierge program where they pay a monthly fee to get free on-call service and free batteries. Almost all manufacturers will not honor a hearing aid warranty if the device is purchased online.

At Audio Help Hearing Centers, most patients are enrolled in a concierge plan as a part of their hearing aid purchase, which provides free batteries and free follow-up visits for five years. Your insurance will be billed for an annual hearing test, but all in-office hearing aid visits are covered in your bundled purchase. Repairs, supplies, and accessories could incur an added cost.

Yes. At Audio Help Hearing Centers we offer monthly payment plans for patients who qualify for financing.

There are many audiologists operating in NYC and throughout Westchester and Connecticut. However, the services and expertise provided are not the same.

At Audio Help Hearing Centers, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care anywhere. We care about our patients. Our Audiologists will bend over backwards for their patients. 

Our goal is to have very satisfied patients. We go to great lengths to make sure our patients have optimum outcomes with their hearing devices.

No, a hearing aid dispenser is not the same as an audiologist. An audiologist is a licensed healthcare professional with 6 years of specialized training in diagnosing and treating hearing and balance disorders. They can provide comprehensive hearing evaluations, diagnose the cause of hearing loss, and offer a range of treatment options beyond just hearing aids.

A hearing aid dispenser, on the other hand, is a professional with less than one year of formal training who specializes in fitting and dispensing hearing aids. They do not have the same level of training and expertise as audiologists in diagnosing hearing issues. While they can recommend and fit hearing aids, they may not be able to address the underlying causes of hearing loss or provide a broader range of hearing healthcare services.

The total hearing aid experience from an online purchase versus a visit with an independent audiologist organization, such as Audio Help Hearing Centers, will be completely different. Our goal at Audio Help is to fit you with the hearing aid appropriate for your specific hearing needs, your budget, and your lifestyle so your hearing health is optimized. It is unlikely that you will get this level of service from an online purchase.

Further, when you purchase online, the same level of professional follow-up is not offered. Hearing aids normally require 1-3 follow-up appointments to maximize their effectiveness. The average person will visit their Audiologist 4-5 times per year. These appointments are free at any of our Audio Help Hearing Centers located in NYC, Westchester, Scarsdale, and Stamford, CT.