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Aural Rehabilitation

We offer aural rehabilitation classes to help patients get the most out of their hearing aids in an open, supportive environment , either on a one-on-one basis or in a class with other individuals in similar situations.

What Is Aural Rehabilitation?

It’s a process of identifying and prescribing specific treatments to address your unique hearing loss. A variety of exercises and practices are employed to optimize your current hearing ability and reduce the likelihood of further hearing loss.

Your aural rehabilitation plan may include discussions and demonstrations about:

  • A hearing evaluation
  • Hearing aids and assistive listening devices
  • Communication classes
  • Family discussions and support services

What to Expect from Aural Rehabilitation

The classes are ideal for patients who purchase new hearing devices and their loved ones who may struggle to communicate effectively due to their hearing loss. We realize that hearing loss can seriously impact your quality of life, including your relationships, job and hobbies.

Aural rehabilitation allows you to feel empowered because you’re able to voice any concerns about living with hearing loss. The classes support your personal growth by:

  • Providing instruction on hearing aid technology
  • Improving auditory function through sensory management
  • Assisting in speech perception and communication
  • Offering counseling to help if you experience any emotional effects associated with wearing hearing aids

Our classes are available for small groups, with individual sessions or patient/spouse sessions for those who require one-on-one instruction. Classes are open to all Audio Help hearing aid patients, former patients and family and friends of patients.

During aural rehabilitation classes, you’ll also learn how to connect your hearing aids to smartphones and assistive listening devices if you have Bluetooth hearing aids. Connecting your hearing aids to other wireless technology such as cellphones, laptops, tablets and computers optimizes your ability to use technology and gives you more control over your hearing aid settings. They can become multifunctional tools that make it easy to answer phone calls, stream audio and adjust the volume.


Benefits of Aural Rehabilitation

Participating in aural rehabilitation is a good way to get acquainted with your hearing aids, especially if you’re wearing them for the first time. After attending an aural rehab class, you may feel more comfortable and excited about your new hearing technology.

During these classes, you’ll learn about adjusting your hearing aid settings and how to care for them. You’ll hear better and be able to enjoy interacting with family and friends.

Another important component of aural rehabilitation is developing communication strategies. Learning how to communicate effectively despite your hearing loss will help you improve your relationships and interact with the world around you.

Benefits of Aural Rehabilitation​

Aural Rehabilitation Testimonials

Here’s what some of our patients had to say about our aural rehabilitation classes:

“I think it was very educational for people who have friends with hearing problems. Thank you for the time you made for me!” – L. A.

“Very useful. It addressed my major concern – ambient noise, especially restaurant noise. Good feedback loop. The back-and-forth discussion was helpful. A+.” – L. K.

“Fantastic! It was very informative and interesting. It was also very interactive and friendly.” – M. R.

Aural rehabilitation classes are scheduled on an as-needed basis at each of our locations.

Reserve Your Spot Today

Aural Rehabilitation classes are held from 3-5 pm on the last Wednesday of the month, at our Columbus Circle location. To learn more or to reserve your spot, call us at (917) 789-5622. Please visit our frequently asked questions for additional information.

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