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Audio Help Hearing Centers is proud to carry all major hearing aid brands to provide you with a wide selection of the latest hearing technology and cutting-edge features. We want to ensure you receive the best hearing aid to suit your needs and budget and rely on our doctors of audiology to give you the ideal recommendation. We never promote one hearing aid brand over another because we want you to find the right hearing solution for you.

Signia hearing aids provide an immersive, natural listening experience. They offer three levels of technology: Signia Nx, Signia Xperience, and Augmented Xperience. Signia Nx hearing aids deliver clear audio that balances your acoustic surroundings with the sound of your voice. Signia Xperience takes that idea further by automatically adjusting to your listening environment based on your movement. Augmented Xperience is Signia’s most advanced hearing technology and includes enhanced speech understanding, echo-canceling features, and Own Voice Processing.

Signia Hearing Aids in NYC, Scarsdale & Stamford

If you’re seeking “Signia hearing aids near me,” a diverse selection of models and styles are available to choose from. Before choosing a device, it’s essential you schedule a hearing assessment, which will pinpoint the type and severity of hearing issues you may have. Our team of audiologists is ready at five locations to guide you in finding the ideal Signia hearing aid that suits both your lifestyle and individual needs. Explore our frequently asked questions for more information on general and hearing aid questions.

Signia Hearing Aid Models

AX Styles

Insio Charge&Go AX

Styletto AX


Pure 312 AX

Pure Charge&Go T AX

Pure Charge&Go AX

Active Styles


Active Pro

X Styles

Styletto X

Silk X


Pure Charge&Go X

Pure 312 X

Motion X

Motion Charge&Go X

NX Styles

Insio Nx

CROS Styles