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Audio Help Hearing Centers is proud to carry all major hearing aid brands to provide you with a wide selection of the latest hearing technology and cutting-edge features. We want to ensure you receive the best hearing aid to suit your needs and budget and rely on our doctors of audiology to give you the ideal recommendation. We never promote one hearing aid brand over another because we want you to find the right hearing solution for you. Visit our frequently asked questions for additional information on general and hearing aid questions.

Widex has spent several decades refining their hearing aids to ensure you can interact with the world around you and enjoy a quality listening experience. Their unique hearing devices identify your soundscape and provide clear, natural sounds, enhancing voices and eliminating background noise.


Personalized Hearing Care Solutions

Schedule a hearing aids appointment to find the right device for you or find your hearing care professional at one of our five convenient hearing care centers.

“If you want an honest intelligent and efficient Audio establishment then go straight to AUDIO HELP—They are the best!!”

- Barbara Leah Bova, PhD

Widex Hearing Aid Models

CIC Micro Device Image


This is a very discrete hearing solution—one of the smallest completely in the canal hearing aids on the market.

CIC Device Image


A very discrete hearing solution, which can fit a wide range of hearing losses.

XP Device Image


The perfect solution for those who prefer power and easy functionality.

Passion Device Image


One of the smallest behind the ear hearing aids with a thin, virtually invisible tube that enters the ear canal.

Fusion Device Image


This style of hearing aid offers ultimate flexibility with three different receivers, as well as various domes and custom earmold options that can suit nearly all kinds of hearing losses.

CROS Device Image


If you are hard of hearing/deaf in one ear and have normal hearing in the other, then the CROS is right for you. This solution can also be used if you are hard of hearing/deaf in one ear and also hearing impaired in the other (BiCROS).

Fashion Device Image


This is a chic, yet powerful hearing aid.

Widex Hearing Aid Accessories

Widex TV Device Image


This TV streamer comes in a discreet design and delivers powerful sound quality directly to your hearing aids. You can enjoy natural sounds while watching your favorite movies, shows, news and games.

COM-DEX Device Image


With the COM-DEX, you can stream high-quality audio from any Bluetooth-compatible device. This hearing accessory loops around your neck for a hands-free application and can stream audio for eight hours. You can also adjust your hearing aid settings and use this device as a microphone.

FM DEX Device Image


This Widex streaming device converts signals from FM receivers, telecoils and line-in systems for wireless hearing aids. This hearing accessory can connect your hearing aids to your TV, remote control, and mobile and landline phones.

TV-DEX Device Image


The TV-DEX is a wireless assistive listening device that allows you to stream audio from your television without lag or echo. You can also switch off your hearing aids while using the TV-DEX to eliminate background noise to enjoy shows without disruptions.

RC-DEX Device Image


The RC-DEX is a wireless remote control that allows you to adjust the volume and switch between programs on your hearing aids. The device is easy to use and small enough to fit on a keychain.

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