6 Tips for Summer Hearing Aid Care

Keep your hearing aids in working order as you go on outdoor adventures and attend festive events and gatherings.

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#1: Keep Your Hearing Aids Dry

Summer is a great time for watersports, swimming and boating. Be careful of getting your hearing aids wet in fresh or salt water, even if they’re water-resistant. Hearing aids aren’t intended to be fully submerged.

You should wear your hearing aids daily, but store them in a secure, waterproof case if you’re close to any bodies of water. Dry your ears with a towel before reinserting your devices. Place them in a drying kit or dehumidifier if they’re exposed to water to eliminate trapped moisture and preserve the electronic components.

#2: Protect Your Devices from Heat and Humidity

Store your hearing aids in a cool, dry place if you remove them outdoors. Never leave your devices in direct sunlight or a hot car as high temperatures can warp and damage the silicon and plastic casing.

Going in and out of an air-conditioned environment may create condensation on your hearing aids, so wipe them with a clean cloth throughout the day. Wear a sweatband or bandana if you’re exercising or participating in outdoor activities to prevent moisture damage from sweat.

#3: Pack Extra Batteries or A Charging Station

Keep replacement hearing aid batteries handy so you don’t have to worry about losing power on your adventures. Or, if you don’t want to deal with replacing disposable batteries, consider upgrading to rechargeable hearing aids. Those types of hearing aids have portable cords and cases that can charge your devices on the go.

#4: Be Careful Applying Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Protecting your skin from UV rays and insect bites is important. However, bug spray and sunscreen may clog mics, receiver openings and battery compartments if you apply them while you’re wearing your hearing aids.

Remove your devices, apply a skin protectant then reinsert them. Hearing aids have an outer coating designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, but you should still wipe your devices clean at the end of the day if you’ve layered sunblock or insect repellant.

#5: Prepare a Hearing Aid Travel Kit

Are you going on a family vacation or a weekend getaway? Be prepared to travel with your hearing aids.

Pack the following items:

  • Replacement wax guards and domes
  • Extra hearing aid batteries
  • A charging station (for rechargeable hearing aids)
  • A hearing aid cleaning kit with a wax pick, brush and cloth
  • A drying kit
  • Hearing aid accessories like a remote mic

#6: Clean Your Hearing Aids Regularly

Your devices will likely be exposed to moisture, dust and debris during summer. Keep your hearing aids clean to preserve their function.

Work over a soft surface like a towel to protect your hearing aids from damage if they’re dropped. Wipe your devices with a clean, soft cloth to get rid of earwax and dirt. Use a hearing aid brush or wax pick to loosen earwax stuck in mics and receivers.

Leave the battery compartment door open and place your devices in a dehumidifier to get rid of moisture and odor. Use an air puffer to clear trapped water out of tubing for behind-the-ear devices.

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