A Look At The Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Image of man using bluetooth hearing aids.Approximately five years after wireless technology first came to hearing aids, a number of devices have separated themselves from the rest of the Bluetooth pack.

Audio Help Hearing Centers in New York City and Connecticut offer a look at some of the latest technologies offered by the top hearing aid manufacturers:


1.Starkey Livio: The most recent addition to the list is Starkey’s Livio, which connects to both Apple and Android devices with the manufacturer’s Thrive Hearing app. The hearing aids’ Hearing Reality™ allows users to experience speech clarity in both loud and quiet settings. Improved streaming technology means you can flawlessly stream TV, music and cell phones through your smartphone and wireless devices. The Livio also lets you automatically switch modes based on your location and has an effective feedback cancellation system.

2.Oticon Opn: One of the most popular Bluetooth hearing aids in the world, the Oticon Opn features a wealth of features that improve listening experiences. More than 80 percent of Opn users report understanding more speech with less effort, while a whopping 96 percent report hearing better to much better. Originally streaming directly only through iPhones, the new ConnectClip allows Android users to use their hearing aids as a wireless stereo headset and have remote microphone functionality.

3.Phonak Audéo B: Made for any smartphone, the Phonak Audéo B allows you to stream music and videos into one ear or stream from your TV into both ears when paired with the TV Connector accessory. It also features fully automatic hearing adjustments, the ability to zoom in on a single voice and improved ability to understand soft speech patterns. The rechargeable Phonak Audeo B-R provides a day’s worth of hearing, including unlimited streaming.

4.Widex Evoke: This intelligent hearing aid analyzes the sound environment and reacts to create the best hearing experience in different settings. Further, Widex takes users’ sound preferences input from around the world to continually improve hearing on the SoundSense Learn feature. With the Evoke app, you can also adjust the volume on two hearing aids individually and choose the direction you want to hear.

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