A Paradigm Shift in Hearing Aid technology

Jennifer Donath2Hearing aids have been around for over 100 years, and they have been available in the digital form, working as miniature computers, for two decades. But in the past year, the advancements in technology have propelled their capabilities of improving clarity of speech and reducing unwanted background noises into a new dimension. The biggest challenge has always been to help people to hear better, not only for one-on-one conversations in a quiet room setting, but in a noisy restaurant, on the phone, at a meeting, or watching TV.

Today’s hearing aids encompass the same speed of processing as any smart phone, or modem, allowing speech to be enhanced and noise distractions decreased within syllables. The best part is the hearing aids are capable of doing this automatically. You can now hear your phone conversations with both ears as the hearing aids stream directly from your smart phone without need for accessories. We are so excited about these significant improvements and want all our patients to reap the benefits, so we now offer a trade-in program, no matter how old your hearing aids are.

Written by Dr. Donath