Amal: When Hope Endures

Image of "I'll be back with my butterfly" painted by 14 year old hearing patient Syrian Refugee

“Drawing is a way I can express myself and feel safe when I feel lonely or sad,” said Suaad, a 14-year-old Syrian refugee now living in Jordan. Her work is part of a traveling exhibit of art done by Syrian refugee children living in camps in Jordan. Suaad was orphaned when a bomb killed her entire family. 

Suaad also had hearing loss which not only makes it hard for them to learn to realize their potential, kids tend to become withdrawn. They end up being cut out of their friends, family and community. When Suaad first came to the Hearing the Call humanitarian clinic, sponsored by Dr. Ed Bravo and Audio Help Hearing Centers, Suaad was quiet and reserved. Art helped her reconnect with her world. 

On Tuesday, November 27th, Dr. Bravo from Audio Help Hearing Centers will share the stories of these brave children. Many of these works of art were done on the back of old United Nations tent canvases.

Hear how local people are helping to support these kids as well as hearing stories of survival and hope. Learn how art is being used to support audiology treatments to overcome the results of trauma.

Experience original paintings created on canvases salvages from camp tents by Syrian refugee children living in Zaatari Camp in Jordan.  

Hear stories of survival and hope and learn how art is being used to support audiology treatments and to overcome the results of severe trauma.  

November 27, 2018 (Giving Tuesday)

2:30-8:30 PM
Free admissions, refreshments served

TUF Gallery
208 East 73rd St.
New York, NY 10021

Sponsored by Audio Help Hearing Centers and Hearing The Call Art Initiative. If you would like to support Hearing The Call Art Initiative, click here and put “Art Initiative” in the notes.