Are Hearing Aids Worth it?

Advancements within the hearing aid industry has not yet caught up with the old stereotypes of hearing aids. There are new, sleek, various options available these days.

The Hearing is Living Study surveyed more than 4,300 people in the United States and around the globe to understand the impact of untreated hearing loss and how that correlates with one’s quality of life. According to the study, an additional study that was done by Hear-the-World people staff concluded that people who wear hearing aids are more social, more active and overall happier than those who do not. This is partly due to the fact that people with untreated hearing loss tend to withdraw from social gatherings and other functions that can increase their quality of life.

Statistics from the Hearing is Living study:

  • 72% of Americans agreed their hearing aids were worth the investment
  • 83% of hearing aid users in the United States reported their quality of life improved with better hearing
  • Globally, participants affected by moderate to severe untreated hearing loss reported feeling sad and depressed more often than hearing aid wearers
  • People with untreated hearing loss who did not wear hearing aids were more likely to feel anxious and insecure
  • 68% US-based participants reported an improvement in their personal relationships
  • Over 70% reported going to restaurants were less frustrating and easier to follow conversations with the use of hearing aids

People with mild, moderate or severe untreated hearing loss, untreated hearing loss has a tremendous impact on one’s physical, emotional and mental health.

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