Audiologist vs. Hearing Aid Dispensary

In our offices, we often hear the question, “What’s the difference between an audiologist and a hearing aid dispenser?” Understanding this distinction is an important component of treating your hearing loss. The main difference is education.

A hearing aid dispenser must meet minimum educational requirements and obtain a license. An audiologist is a doctor – a degreed professional extensively trained in the hearing sciences.

At Audio Help – located in Manhattan, the surrounding boroughs, and Scarsdale, New York – we employ only the best Doctors of Audiology to meet all of your hearing loss needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment at 888.832.9966. And read on to see why an audiologist provides the most comprehensive care.

An audiologist is:
Trained to diagnose, treat and monitor hearing and balance system disorders.
Trained in anatomy and physiology, cochlear Implants, amplification devices, acoustics, electrophysiology, and auditory rehabilitation.
Educated with an undergraduate and doctoral degree in audiology (8 years of study total).
Supervised prior to state licensure and national certification.

The audiologists at Audio Help are all New York State Licensed and constantly improve their educations to ensure our patients receive the best possible care.

By contrast, a hearing aid dispenser is:
Licensed ONLY in audiometric testing.
Authorized to ONLY sell and fit hearing aids.
Required to ONLY hold a high school diploma or 2 years of college study.

A licensed hearing aid dispenser holds the minimum education necessary to protect the safety and health of the patient.

The audiologists at Audio Help are highly-trained, licensed, and degreed professionals. They have the extensive training necessary to assess and diagnosis your hearing loss, and fit and adjust your hearing aids. We guarantee the best available treatment plans for our patients.

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