Background Noise – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

People who’ve suffered from untreated hearing loss know how frustrating understanding, communicating and interacting with others can be. More than likely, your loved ones encouraged you to get hearing aids.

They were right, of course. But while hearing aids make a world of difference and improve overall quality of life, they aren’t without glitches. One that some hearing aid wearers experience is the frustrating problem of background noise.

If your sense of hearing gets overloaded with background noise, Audio Help in Manhattan has compiled four steps you can take to lessen the impact of the pesky disturbance.

1. Wear two hearing aids
You’re better able to locate where sounds are coming from and better understand speech when you hear sound from both sides instead of one.

2. Choose hearing aids with digital sound processing
Sophisticated hearing aids can differentiate between noise and speech, lowing the volume when they detect noise. You’ll enjoy better quality of speech, and background noise will fade.

3. Use directional microphone technology
With this option, the wearer can switch their hearing devices from a setting that picks up sound from all directions to one that detects sound coming from the front. This way, you’ll be able to focus on speech in front of you without being distracted by background noise.

4. Try FM technology
Here, two components – one that picks up a speaker’s voice, and the other that delivers sound to the user’s ear – help improve speech comprehension, especially in noisy environments.

Whether you’re a hearing aid veteran or you’re new to the technology, see your audiologist for regular hearing aid checkups. And above all, remember that everyone, regardless of their hearing health, has a harder time hearing in noisy listening environments.

For more tips on how to reduce hearing aid background noise or to schedule your next hearing exam, contact Audio Help in Manhattan, New York, today online or call 888-832-9966!