Be Prepared Before You Visit The Audiologist

audiologist performing hearing evaluationVisiting a new doctor can be nerve-wracking, but if you prepare yourself before you visit your new audiologist, you’ll find your appointment a pleasant experience.

Read Up And Write Down

Take some time and do your research about your audiologist and what will happen during your first appointment. Knowing what you’ll walk into may put your mind at ease.

As you’re doing your research, write down questions that come to you as you go. Writing things down will ensure you don’t forget to ask important questions.

Bring Your Medical Information

It’s essential to bring your audiologist all your medical information so they can make an accurate and informed diagnosis.

Things to bring with you:

  • Your medical history, including past conditions, surgeries, and family medical history
  • A current list of medications
  • Your primary physician’s contact information
  • A list of questions and current symptoms

Past conditions, medication, and genetics can all contribute to your hearing loss symptoms, so it’s essential to discuss all of them with your audiologist.

The Hearing Test And Results

Hearing tests are non-invasive, and your audiologist will conduct one or more tests during your initial visit to get an accurate representation or your hearing health. Ask your doctor to explain the process before doing the test to ease you through the exam.

Your audiologist will review your results with an audiogram, which is a visual map that explains the fluctuations in your hearing.

Bring A Friend

Bringing someone with you to your appointment means you’ll have a support system. Your friend or family member can also discuss topics you may have forgotten.

An additional perspective, especially someone who interacts with you regularly, will provide your doctor with a clearer picture of your symptoms. A third party will also help relay information if you have severe hearing loss.

Hearing Aids

You may be required to schedule a follow-up appointment for your hearing aids. Your audiologist will consider things like your budget, degree of hearing loss, and lifestyle to determine what kind of hearing aid you need.

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