Can you hear me now?

Who remembers those old cell phone commercials, “can you hear me now?” Good hearing doesn’t just make phone conversations easier; it makes life easier. If you find that others are constantly asking you, “Can you hear me now,” it might be time to see an audiologist.

Audiologists focus on helping people with hearing and balance problems. An audiologist is specially trained to understand how both the hearing and balance systems work and how to help those who don’t experience either of these systems normally. They see people of all ages – babies, children, and adults.

An audiologist will test your hearing and work with you to provide the treatment options that best treat your hearing concerns. If you find that you need to turn the TV up louder than others would like, or are having difficulty hearing clearly in a crowd, on the phone, or in the car, a comprehensive hearing test may significantly improve your quality of life. There are many treatment options aside from hearing aids – such as TV listening devices and hearing training – which your audiologist can discuss with you to ensure you have the quality hearing you desire.

If any of this sounds familiar, stop with the, “can you hear me now,” and make the first step in improving your quality of life. To hear your best and to have continued hearing and balance health, see your audiologist today.