Do I really need hearing aids?

Audio Help Blog Aug 2017 DoYou might think you’re getting along just fine without hearing aids, but the staff at Audio Help Hearing Centers wants you to know your hearing loss is having a negative effect on your health and relationship. That’s why it’s important for you to be fitted with hearing aids

Here’s how hearing aids can improve your life:

You’ll socialize more

When you can’t hear, you avoid situations where there’s a lot of noise. Restaurants, group outings and religious ceremonies are the most common items people skip when they struggle to hear.

Hearing aids can make you feel more comfortable in these settings and allow you to follow conversations easier in noisy atmospheres.      

Your overall quality of life will increase

Studies have revealed that people with untreated hearing loss are more like to be depressed, anxious and lack confidence. People with hearing aids are less likely to develop these traits.

Your relationships improve

When you can hear what people are saying and contribute to conversations, your relationships grow stronger. These conversations can help build stronger relations, and you won’t miss out on important details because you couldn’t hear them.

They decreases your chances of developing dementia

Multiple studies have shown a link between untreated hearing loss and dementia. Some believe it’s caused by the added stress you put on your brain while straining to hear. Hearing aids can help reduce or even eliminate this stress and allow your brain to function more easily.

If you’ve shown any signs of hearing loss, contact us to schedule an appointment at any of Audio Help Hearing Centers’ four New York City locations.