Find Helpful Hearing Aid Info Without a Hassle

Find Helpful Hearing Aid Info Without a Hassle

At Audio Help Hearing Centers, we strive to provide comprehensive services in a personalized manner to our patients. Here’s a quick guide to Audio Help and Hearing Centers’ website to help you find the information you need.

Complimentary Screening and Hearing Aids Trial

Purchasing hearing aids is a big financial and personal commitment, so helping you feel at ease with your decision is one of our top priorities. We offer complimentary hearing screenings at each of our offices in a comfortable environment. Our friendly staff are experts at making patients feel welcome and will answer all your questions.


Once we’ve diagnosed your level of hearing loss, you can take a pair of hearing aids for a two-week test drive before purchasing them. You’ll be able to experience their capabilities and decide if they suit your needs and fit comfortably.

Online Hearing Test

You can visit our website to take our free online hearing test if you’re unsure whether you need an in-office hearing evaluation. Our online hearing screening includes five simple questions to help you determine your level of hearing difficulty.


The second part of the online screening is a short hearing test that requires headphones or earbuds. It’s a non-invasive process that requires no commitment on your part. Whether you schedule service with us or not, you’ll have a resource to help you understand if you have a treatable hearing loss.

Our Locations

Having easy access to high-quality hearing healthcare is essential for effective treatment. We have five convenient locations:

Directions are at the bottom of each location page. Online scheduling is also available on our website, so setting up an appointment is a breeze.

Read More on our Blog

While we’re dedicated to providing hearing care services and products, we also want to be a dependable source of information. Our website has blog posts that provide insight and perspective on various topics regarding hearing loss, treatment options and hearing aid technology. You may discover answers to questions you didn’t know you had.

How-To Videos

Have questions about changing your hearing aid filter? Maybe you can’t figure out how to pair your Bluetooth hearing aids with a smart device. Our website has how-to videos that will answer common questions and walk you through several maintenance processes.


Call 888-832-9966 or contact us online for more information on our services and hearing aids.