First Ever Hearing Aid to Connect to the Internet now available at Audio Help

Oticon OPN holdingchip2Audio Help Hearing Centers is proud to announce that we now offer our patients Oticon Opn, a breakthrough hearing aid. This device is the world’s first Internet-based hearing aid, and offers two wireless communication systems. Let the audiologists at Audio Help determine if Opn is right for you. Call 888.832.9966 today to schedule a consultation at one of our 4 premier locations in Manhattan and Scarsdale, NY.

Traditional hearing aids use directionality – a method that closes down all sounds except for speech coming from the front of the wearer. This “tunnel” effect has serious limitations. When the brain doesn’t get the information it needs to adequately assess the listening

environment, it can’t switch attention or focus naturally. Hearing aid users generally tire in dynamic environments, like summer cookouts or dinner parties, because they can’t follow what’s happening around them.

Oticon understands that when you close down sounds, you close down a fulfilling life. That’s why they designed Opn, groundbreaking hearing aid that makes traditional directionality a thing of the past.

Opn is powered by the revolutionary Velox platform. This fast and precise hearing aid supports how the brain makes sense of sound. Opn handles multiple speakers simultaneously – particularly in complex environments, like concerts, restaurants or a busy home.

Oticon Opn’s new technology supports the way the brain separates, orients, and processes different sounds. Background sounds are constantly available, but not intrusive or disturbing – now, you can locate individual sounds and focus on what you find important. Opn users enjoy:

  • 20% less listening effort
  • 30% better speech understanding
  • 20% more memory recall

Plus, the free, downloadable Oticon ON App enables Opn wearers to discreetly control their hearing aids and other Internet-connected solutions. The 2.4GHz Bluetooth direct streaming wireless system communicates with smartphones and other devices. This variant of Bluetooth – developed specifically for hearing aids – uses negligible battery power when steaming.

Opn also connects directly to the Internet through If This Then That (ITTT), a web-based service that automates other web functions to make life easier. Wearers can connect to a plethora of everyday devices – like doorbells, thermostats, or baby monitors.

Audio Help Hearing Centers now provides its patients with this innovative new technology at all our locations in and around New York City. For more information, contact us today!

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