Gift Ideas for Hearing Aid Wearers

Image of person wrapping a holiday gift of hearing accessories. Finding the perfect gift for a loved one is always satisfying. It’s even more rewarding knowing you’ve given a gift that will improve your friend or family member’s quality of life.

You can give the gift of better hearing by purchasing hearing aid accessories like remote microphones and TV streamers that will optimize your loved one’s hearing device performance.


Phonak Roger On

Hearing loss can negatively impact conversations, but it doesn’t have to, thanks to the Phonak Roger On. This handheld microphone is designed to enhance speech even in the noisiest environments. That means hearing aids don’t have to contend with background chatter at holiday gatherings or festive dinner parties.

The Roger On switches automatically between different modes so you can attach it to your clothes, hold it in your hand or place it on a table.

Other features include:

  • Three microphones on the device to enhance sound localization
  • Adaptability for work, social and presentation settings
  • A sleek, portable design in two color options

Oticon ConnectClip

This multifunctional hearing accessory can turn hearing aids into a wireless headset.

Advantages as a remote microphone:

  • Enhances speech from a distance in loud listening environments
  • Works as a personal mic by attaching it to a speaker’s clothes
  • Clarifies speech before sending to hearing devices
  • Good for restaurants, sports venues, religious services and business meetings

Benefits of wireless connectivity:

  • Functions as a Bluetooth microphone for calls and video chats
  • Improves and streams audio from smart devices
  • Helps your loved one stay connected via smartphones, tablets and computers

The Oticon ConnectClip also serves as a remote control, so your loved one can adjust their hearing aids with the touch of a button. They can change the volume, program their devices or mute their microphones without removing their hearing aids.

Widex TV Dex

The holidays bring festive movie marathons, football games and seasonal specials. But some hearing aids produce a sound lag when streaming audio.

The Widex TV Dex provides distortion-free audio without delays or echoes, so hearing aid users can enjoy their favorite holiday entertainment. This device offers a real-time stereo sound that your friend or family member can adjust to their preference.

The TV Dex also has a “Room Off” setting that turns off a hearing aid’s function so the listener can focus on the streamed audio. That means your loved one won’t have to worry about noisy distractions disrupting the holiday movie magic.

Starkey TV Streamer

The wireless connectivity of the Starkey TV Streamer makes it the perfect gift for those hearing aid wearers who love watching movies and shows. Any electronic audio source can be streamed directly to your loved one’s hearing aids.

The Starkey TV Streamer is also easy to use and supports digital and analog input. Installing the TV streamer is as simple as plugging the device into your TV and linking it to a pair of hearing aids. Users can set their volume.

Holiday Tips on TV Streamers from Dr. Jessica Woodson



Most hearing accssories are suitable for various hearing aid brands. Contact Audio Help Hearing Centers to learn about our inventory and find out which options are suitable for your devices.