Giving the Gift of Better Hearing

Image of audiology patient receiving hearing aid gift.Selecting a gift for a loved one with hearing loss this holiday season can be a bit intimidating.

The perfect gift may just be one that not only shows you care, but that you want to improve their life by making their listening experiences more enjoyable.

Audio Help in New York City offers the following gift ideas that may accomplish both for your loved one:

 1.TV Listening Devices: People with hearing loss don’t have to rely upon closed captioning. Products such as TV Ears allow the wearer to turn up the volume on the television without interrupting the viewing experience of others in the room.

2.TV Soundbar: These are another way to improve the TV watching experience for those with hearing loss. Soundbars can vastly improve the sound quality of televisions, which typically have small, tinny-sounding speakers. Some models use built-in hearing aid technology to make watching your favorite series or movies more enjoyable.

3.Hearables: These are in-the-ear wireless devices that can improve listening experiences, even though they’re not typically marketed toward those with hearing loss. Models such as the Bragi Dash also feature heart rate monitors.

4.Vibrating or light alarm clock: Does your loved one have trouble hearing an alarm clock to get them to work on time? Try an alarm that vibrates under the pillow, or for a less jarring waking experience, try a colored sunrise simulation.

5.Functional jewelry: Trellie is a company that produces rings that flash a light and/or vibrate when you receive a text message, email or phone call. For the fashionista on your shopping list, these pieces are functional and fun.

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