Handling Virtual Holidays With Hearing Aids

Handling Virtual Holidays With Hearing AidsHoliday celebrations may look different this year if you’re using video calls for remote communication. Pairing your hearing aids with smart devices creates a seamless stream of audio right to your ears so you won’t miss out on a single holiday moment. The Audio Help team has created a list of tips to help you enjoy effortless video calls.

Get Acquainted With The Technology

Video allows you to see your loved ones’ faces during a time where we all have to maintain our distance. Acquaint yourself with video chat platforms before the holidays so you won’t have to worry about technical difficulties during a gathering.


Ask a family member or friend to teach you to use your computer, smartphone, or tablet and explore the settings options. Turning on closed captions will help you follow the conversation in real-time, so you don’t have to guess what is being said.

Set Up Your Space

Find a quiet, well-lit space to make a video call and ask your loved ones to do the same. Your hearing aids will perform best when they don’t have to compete with background noise, and you can focus your attention on the screen.


You’ll need good lighting to read lips and catch facial cues. Keep your light source in front of your face, so you don’t cast yourself in shadow.

Adjust Your Hearing Aids

You’ll be a more active conversationalist when you don’t have to worry about a lag between audio and video. Bluetooth hearing aids stream audio instantly so that you can enjoy an easy flow of conversation. Adjusting the volume on your hearing aids ensures you can hear your kids and grandkids on video. Maintain the right volume on your smart device or computer to reduce the strain on your ears.

Practice Video Chat Etiquette

Whether you’re talking in person, over the phone, or on a video call, you should always practice good communication habits.


Here are some tips for good communication during your video calls:

  • Speak clearly and keep your hands away from your face to avoid muffled speech.
  • Find a sturdy place to set your device.
  • Don’t interrupt others while they’re speaking to prevent confusion and repetition.
  • Use your mute button until you want to speak again to reduce background noise.


If you suspect you don’t hear perfectly, schedule a hearing evaluation with Audio Help before the holidays are in full swing. We will assess your degree of hearing loss and help you find the perfect pair of hearing aids so you can enjoy remote holiday visits with ease.


Call 888-832-9966 or contact us online to schedule a comprehensive hearing screening.