Hear the New Year Right!

Hear The New Year RightAs the New Year approaches, many begin to think about their New Year’s Resolutions, and changes that they want to make. Some of the top New Year’s Resolutions are quitting smoking, changing their diet, exercising more, or learning something new.

Another thing to consider when making changes for your health and wellbeing, are your auditory needs. Whether you are wearing hearing aids, are experiencing tinnitus, or don’t think you have any hearing issues at all; your hearing heath is a benefit to everyone around you.

Get Tested. A hearing assessment should be a part of your annual wellness exams, just as going to your primary care doctor, the dentist, or the eye doctor. Even if there isn’t a serious issue now, having a base line understanding of your hearing needs now will help you identify issues if things change.

Wear your hearing aids. The best way to ensure you won’t miss a single sound is wearing your hearing aids. If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss and prescribed a hearing aid, wearing it regularly and correctly is essential for communications. If the hearing device is making conversations too loud, or background noise is still interfering, contact Audio Help to adjust your settings.

Communication is Key. At home or at work, being able to effectively communicate makes life easier for everyone. Not being able to fully hear the conversations of the people around you can bring unwarranted stress. If you know that you have hearing issues (with or without hearing aids) it’s important to share with those you interact with of your issues.

You are your own best advocate. When going out, to the movies, for coffee or dinner, you may need to assert certain preferences. If you need people to sit one side verses the other, sit away from the kitchen or TV’s at the restaurant, sitting in the center of the theater. You know your needs better than anyone.

Use new technology. There is technology available now to improve the lives of hearing aid wearers. Rechargeable hearing aids are available from most manufacturers, and take away the hassle of changing batteries every few weeks. Many hearing devices can now pair with smartphones for seamless conversations, without it being overbearing.

If you’re looking for help in your hearing journey, contact Audio Help at 866-327-1464 for a hearing evaluation and take the first step toward better hearing today.