Hearing Aid Accessories Improve Your Daily Life

senior woman trying on hearing aidYou can utilize hearing aid accessories that will add a wealth of advantages to devices that already make a difference in your daily life. Find out how you can benefit from accessories like CaptionCall and TV streamers.

CaptionCall Makes Phone Conversations A Breeze

CaptionCall phones work like standard landline telephones that caption your conversations in real-time. The large, easy to read screen displays smooth scrolling captions and provides powerful sound amplification. You’ll be able to see and hear phone conversations, and won’t have to worry about missing out on precious moments with children and grandchildren.


The large text makes it easy to read every word of every call. Captions are available in English and Spanish for user convenience. CaptionCall phones also have a speakerphone so that you can use both ears for a better listening experience. You’ll feel empowered to communicate with confidence no matter who’s on the other end of the line.


Talk to your hearing care provider to order a complimentary CaptionCall phone. They will submit an application on your behalf.

Mobile App Creates Captions On The Go

Enjoy captioned the convenience of captioned phone conversations wherever you go with CaptionCall’s mobile app. CaptionCall Mobile lets you make and receive calls from your smartphone anywhere you have an internet or mobile connection.


The service provides large, readable captions in real time right in the palm of your hand, so you enjoy the power of CaptionCall whenever you use your smartphone. This service is available to download on iPhones and iPads. Android services are coming soon.

Enjoy Your Favorite Shows With TV Streamers

Modern hearing aids often come with TV streaming capabilities. TV streamers are devices that are plugged into your television and stream audio to compatible hearing aids. Enjoy an improved listening experience as you catch up on news, watch the big game, or enjoy your favorite movie with clear audio.


With TV streamers, your hearing aids become wireless headphones. These devices come with personal remotes or mobile apps that allow you to adjust the volume or change the program without fiddling with small buttons. You have complete control over your personal volume without worrying about other listeners.


TV streamers also eliminate the effects of distance, background noise, and reverberation while you watch you favorite shows. You won’t have to worry about audio lagging behind the visuals on your TV.


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