Hearing clearly in NYC with hearing loops

Hearing LoopsHearing aids can certainly assist people with their hearing needs, but users can still have difficulty hearing select sounds when there are high amounts of background noise. That is why many hearing aid users were recently rejoicing when New York City passed legislation mandating the use of hearing loops in public assembly areas, such as theaters, museums, subways, and more.

A hearing loop allows people with hearing aids to hear conversations clearly even when there is loud background noise. The hearing loop uses a sound system that sends sound directly to your hearing aid, which means when someone speaks into this sound system, a hearing aid user will hear the person clearly with little or no background noise.

This technology is especially useful in areas such as subway systems. This video demonstrates the difference in hearing quality that a hearing loop can provide to people who wear hearing aids.

As you can see, a hearing loop can made big difference in your ability to understand the conversation!

There is no need to purchase additional equipment to use hearing loops. Simply schedule an appointment with Audio Help and we will activate the T-Coil in your hearing aid (which is in most hearing aids). This will allow you to use hearing loops in all public places that have a hearing loop system.

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