Hearing Loss Can Ruin Your Social Life

Senior using tablet at homeUntreated hearing loss can negatively impact your interactions with others, even if you don’t realize it. You find yourself pulling away from one-on-one interactions, especially in loud, noisy conversations, and feel lonely. It may be time to take action.

How Hearing Loss Impacts Relationships

Asking others to repeat themselves or pretending to follow a conversation gets exhausting. When you miss someone saying hello or asking you a question, they may assume you’re ignoring them.


Ignoring hearing loss leads to misunderstandings and misconceptions about your personality. Your coworkers may think you’re hard to deal with, or acquaintances may find your stand-offish. None of which are correct, but you can’t clarify if you can’t hear.

Treat Hearing Loss, Improve Communication

Luckily for you, the solution to social isolation is clear: invest in hearing aids. Visit an audiologist to receive a hearing evaluation and begin the process of finding your hearing devices. It will take time to adjust, but the benefits are endless:

  • You’ll enjoy genuine interaction with your colleagues and loved ones.
  • Social engagement reduces your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • Using hearing aids can combat further hearing deterioration.


New hearing aids are more discreet, and you’ll pick up on sounds and words you didn’t know you were missing. Conversations will be a breeze, and you won’t have to avoid that phone conversation, work meeting, or introduction.

Talk About Your Hearing Loss

It’s difficult for people to appreciate a struggle that is seemingly “invisible.” You can’t see hearing loss, especially if you don’t wear your hearing aids.


Be open about your struggle to understand or carry a conversation. Telling others what’s going on will allow them a chance to support you and clarify misconceptions.


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