Hearing Loss Linked with Poor Heart Health

Hearing loss linked to poor heart health

Recent studies have shown that there may be a link between hearing health and heart health.

Though the exact correlation is unknown, evidence suggests that people with healthy cardiovascular systems tend to have better hearing. This is likely because of the increase blood flow in the inner ear. When the blood flow is restricted, hearing loss occurs.

One study even suggests that people with low-frequency hearing loss should be regarded as “at risk” for cardiovascular problems and should consider seeing a specialist.

Since early signs of hearing loss may also point to heart problems, audiologists are pushing people ages 40 and older to have their hearing tested as part of their routine medical care. If you’re a Gen Xers or Baby Boomer, it’s time to schedule a hearing test if you haven’t had one yet.

While the evidence suggest that there is a link between heart health and hearing health, many people still don’t visit an audiologist due to social stigmas associated with hearing aids. But the fact is that hearing aids can improve your overall quality of life.

Roughly 80 percent of people say they’re satisfied with the changes that occurred in their life after being fitted with hearing aids. Research also shows that hearing aids can improve job performance, potentially increase earnings, and improve professional and personal relationships.

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