Hearing Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

Fireworks Image

Independence Day is a jubilant celebration full of colorful sights and sounds. While Fourth of July fireworks may be a feast for your eyes, they present risks to your hearing. Taking precautions to protect yourself from noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) will lower your risk for permanent hearing damage.

Let the Professionals Shoot Off Fireworks

Attending a professional firework show is a safer option for your hearing and physical well-being. People who handle commercial fireworks for a living have more experience than those who set off at-home pyrotechnics. They usually have a designated viewing area that is well away from the launch site, which is safer for your hearing

Give Yourself Some Space

Firework explosions reach up to 170 decibels, so the farther away you are, the better. Firework displays are best viewed from a distance, anyway, allowing you to enjoy the full scope of the colorful visuals. Adults should stand at least 50 to 65 feet from fireworks, and children should be at least 165 feet away.

Here are some signs you’re sitting too close to fireworks:

  • You must shout to be heard by someone nearby.
  • You experience ear pain after a firework explodes.
  • Firework explosions cause ringing in your ears.

Your experience temporary hearing loss after an explosion.

Wear Hearing Protection

Any sound louder than 85 decibels causes permanent hearing damage, and fireworks well exceed that threshold. Wearing hearing protection will prevent the noisy pyrotechnics from harming your hearing.

There are lots of types of hearing protection that you can purchase at your local drugstore. Disposable foam earplugs are inexpensive and comfortable to wear for long periods. You may also consider pre-molded reusable earplugs or custom hearing protection.

Headphones and earmuffs provide a more secure acoustic seal since they sit over your entire ear, blocking any sound from entering your ear canal.

Check Decibel Levels

Decibel meters and decibel-tracking apps monitor the noise level of your surroundings. Those types of technology will help you stay aware, so you can find a safer spot to watch and listen to fireworks if your sound environment is too loud.

Know When to Seek Hearing Loss Treatment

The expert doctors of audiology at Audio Help Hearing Centers are here to help if you suspect you’ve suffered hearing damage caused by fireworks. It’s essential not to wait if you experience sudden hearing loss.

You may notice tinnitus symptoms, a temporary decrease in your hearing ability and ear pain after being exposed to fireworks. Contact your audiologist and schedule a hearing evaluation. They will determine the severity of your condition and recommend the appropriate treatment options to address your condition.

The dedicated team at Audio Help Hearing Centers is here to help you hear. Call 888-832-9966 or contact us online to schedule your appointment and start your journey toward better hearing.