Hearing the Holidays

Hearing The HolidaysThe holiday season is a time to get together with family and friends, share stories and enjoy a holiday meal. However, for those experiencing hearing loss, large family gatherings can be more stressful than joyful.

Determining If There Is a Hearing Issue

If you notice a friend or family member is struggling to have a conversation, is asking for words to be repeated, or simply isn’t talking to anyone, she may be experiencing hearing issues.

It can be an uncomfortable to address these issues with your loved one. Try to present your concerns in a caring manner that promotes her wellbeing and your loved one may be more receptive to considering your concerns.

What To Do If Someone Has Hearing Loss

If you and your family know that a loved one has a hearing issue, here are a few ways everyone can be more accommodating.

Be Attentive. Some people with hearing loss, particularly those recently diagnosed, may avoid social settings due to communications issues. If this is the case, seek this person out and engage them in conversation.

Encourage other to speak clearly and face-to-face. Background noise can make conversations challenging even with hearing aids. Standing face-to-face, in a well-lit room, and speaking clearly will make it easier for both parties.

Reduce Background Noise. Turn down the TV and music so it’s easier for everyone to hear one another. You can even turn these items off completely during mealtime.

Be Patient. Hearing loss can be difficult for both your loved one and everyone who is making accommodations. The most important thing everyone can do is be patient with one another.

If you’re experiencing hearing loss, contact Audio Help for a hearing evaluation and take the first step toward better hearing today.