How Allergies Can Hurt Your Hearing

Image of young woman whose allergies are effecting her hearing.Seasonal allergies can affect your ears as much as your eyes and nose, leading to pressure, tinnitus (ringing sound) and even temporary hearing loss.

The body produces antibodies as a result of exposure to allergens such as pollen, grasses, weeds, foods, drugs and other substances. The antibodies release histamine, which can cause allergic reactions such as the typical runny nose, sinus congestion and itchy eyes. It also has the potential to affect the outer, middle and inner ear.

Audio Help Hearing Centers in New York City, Scarsdale and Stamford offer the following information about how allergies can affect different parts of the ear:


Outer Ear

Allergic reactions can affect the outer ear by causing it and the ear canal to itch or become inflamed. It’s important to avoid scratching these itches, because doing so could lead to infection or do irreversible damage to your ear canal.

Middle Ear

In the middle ear, fluid buildup can affect the ability of the Eustachian tube to do its job – namely, release pressure in the ear. This causes you to feel like your ears are clogged, along with some degree of hearing loss. This part of the ear is most susceptible to allergies and infection, which is caused when bacteria is able to sit in the middle ear due to blockage of the Eustachian tube.

Inner Ear

Although it’s the most delicate part of the ear, the inner ear has proven itself to be largely resistant to allergic reactions. However, problems in other parts of the ear can lead to damaged nerve endings and bond structures in the inner ear. Here, allergic symptoms include tinnitus, dizziness and ear pressure. Allergies are also thought to be a possible trigger of Meniere’s disease, which exhibits all of these symptoms.

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