How Assistive Listening Devices Improve Hearing Aid Performance

How Assistive Listening Devices Improve Hearing Aid Performance

Assistive listening devices (ALD) boost your hearing aid’s capabilities, so you can get even better sound interpretation from yor devices. Hearing accessories like remote control devices, TV and audio streamers, and remote mics can improve speech understanding and allow you to customize your hearing aids.

Remote Control Devices for Hearing Aids

Remote control devices allow you to adjust the volume of your hearing aids without touching them. They fit in the palm of your hand, so you don’t have to worry about fussing with tiny buttons on your hearing aids.


Another benefit of remote control devices includes their programmability. Your audiologist can program remote controls to change your hearing aid settings for various situations such as noisy restaurants and family gatherings, so you can keep up with any conversation. They’re great for making quick adjustments to your hearing aids without drawing attention to your devices.

TV Streamers for Hearing Aids

TV streamers send audio directly from the television to your hearing aids and allow you to adjust your volume without cranking up the sound on the TV in the room. You can watch your favorite shows and movies with your loved ones without having to haggle over the TV being too loud. Or you can mute the TV and play the audio in your hearing aids so you won’t disturb others.

Remote Mics

Remote mics allow hearing aid wearers to participate in conversations in the noisiest environments. Placing a remote mic on one person improves their voice clarity and is ideal for one-on-one conversations.


If you’re at a restaurant, you can place a remote mic in the center of the table to pick up everyones’ voices. It works similarly to a table mic but is much smaller and more portable. Using these devices will help you participate in table conversations.

Amplified Phones

These devices are landline phones that are excellent for people who struggle hearing phone conversations. They increase the volume of the caller’s voice, so they’re helpful for people with or without hearing aids. Amplified phones clarify conversations, even in a noisy room, and some models use telecoils to connect right to your hearing aids. CaptionCall is another useful tool that improves phone conversations

Hearing Aid Streamers

If you don’t own a smartphone or have a smartphone that isn’t compatible with your hearing aids, streamers can bridge the gap. They’re excellent tools for Android and iOS users who want to stream phone calls and music to their hearing aids.


Streamers are worn around your neck and can be tucked discreetly into clothing. Most streamers also come with a unique feature to reduce ambient noise, so you’ll have a better chance at hearing phone conversations.


For more information, watch Dr. Jessica Woodson’s video where she discusses the advantages of assistive listening devices.


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