Invest in Yourself and Get Hearing Checked

Family playing cards 300x200If you’re like most people who notice their hearing is diminished, you probably haven’t taken immediate action to address the problem.

Surveys show that most people wait more than five years to investigate their hearing loss. The good news is that scheduling a hearing exam with an audiologist at Audio Help Hearing Centers can help you more fully enjoy life and minimize future hearing issues. May is Better Hearing Month, a great time to address your hearing loss.



Knowing when it’s time

If you answer “yes” to more than one of these questions, it is likely time for a hearing exam:

  • Do you have a difficult time hearing in a restaurant or when more than one person is talking?
  • When on the phone, do you hear better in one ear than the other?
  • Do others tell you that you turn up the TV volume too high?
  • Do you have pain or ringing in your ears?


Preparing for your appointment

Once you commit to seeing a hearing healthcare specialist, ask a family member or friend to accompany you on your visit. They can help explain the impact of your hearing loss and also assist you with the audiologist’s recommendations. Other steps to take:

  • Write down medications you’re taking. Some of them may affect your hearing.
  • Check with your insurance plan to determine coverage and whether a referral is necessary.


Ways to improve your listening experience

Even if your audiologist recommends hearing aids, there are a number of steps you can take to improve your listen.

  • Tell others about your hearing loss prior to speaking. Sit close to them in a quiet, well-lit room.
  • Ask the speaker to talk slowly and not shout, making eye contact with you as they speak. Shouting can actually make conversation more difficult.
  • When dining out, avoid restaurants with hard floors and bare walls. Establishments with sound-absorbing booths, carpets and curtains will make communication easier.


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