Is It Time To Visit An Audiologist?

Is It Time PhotoWhen you hear the word “audiologist” you may immediately think “hearing loss” or “hearing aids.”  While they can help you with those items, audiologists can also assist with ringing in the ear (tinnitus) and balance issues. 

If you find that you’re turning the volume up on the TV more and more, or you’re having a harder time following conversations, it may be time to have a hearing test. 

A comprehensive hearing evaluation from the audiologists at Audio Help will look at more than your hearing. They will examine medical issues that may have caused hearing damage, the degree of hearing loss, and the right hearing devices to improve your hearing.

If you’re having frequent bouts of ringing or buzzing in your ear, you may be experiencing tinnitus. This is a common condition and the audiologists at Audio Help can help you identify ways to manage it.

While you may not think an audiologist is the physician to talk to about balance issues, they are often the one who can help in resolving your issue. That’s because blockage or damage in your inner ear often cause dizziness and affect your balance.

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