Learn How to Protect Your Hearing – and Why You Should Start Now

Image of someone protecting their hearing.October is “National Audiology Awareness Month” and “National Protect Your Hearing Month,” making this a great opportunity to start thinking about your auditory health. 

It’s important to understand your hearing needs, so consider scheduling a hearing evaluation. Even if you don’t think you have hearing loss, a hearing test gives you a baseline of your hearing health, and helps you recognize the signs and symptoms of hearing loss should they arise. 

During a hearing screening, your lifestyle and auditory needs will be discussed. This will help the audiologist discover ways to preserve your hearing health. If the hearing test shows that you need hearing aids, the audiologists at any of our New York City or Scarsdale offices can help you find the product that meets your needs.

Prevention and protection from damage can decrease the need for hearing aids in your future. If you use earbuds daily, you may want to consider a pair of custom-made earbuds. These can prevent you from increasing the volume to compensate for the poor fit. If you frequently attend sporting events or concerts, we also have earplugs that can decrease the decibel level. 

As you can tell, having a hearing screening and a conversation with an audiologist can help you protect your hearing even if you’re not experiencing hearing loss. 

If you have questions or want to schedule a hearing test, contact at any of our New York locations by calling 888-832-9966 or send us a message online.