Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

As technology continues to evolve, the FCC has implemented new rules governing hearing aid compatibility (HAC) for digital wireless phones so that everyone benefits from the advances in the hearing aid and cell phone industries.

These developments are designed to make communication more effective by reducing background noise, allowing you to hear the sounds you want to hear.

Leading the way, Apple has recently upgraded its operating system and has collaborated with hearing aid manufacturers ReSound, Oticon and Starkey to create iPhone compatible phones.

Some of the new features included with the Made for iPhone programs (MFi):

•    Seamless connectivity between your mobile device and hearing aids.
•    The ability to control your hearing aids’ settings through your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, providing you with more discreet and easier “hands-free” conversations.

You have a new way to experience phone calls, FaceTime conversations, music, and movies – all with the tap of a finger.

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