Make Hearing Loss a New Year’s Resolution!

EarThe New Year is always a good time to take stock and refocus on your priorities and goals. But sometimes, our motivation for resolutions lasts a few weeks and fizzle away.

This year, Audio Help Hearing Centers in Manhattan, NYC wants our readers to try something different. Let’s making healthy hearing a New Year’s resolution, and stick with it throughout the year. Our staff of audiologists can help make your plans a reality.

Here are our top five options for addressing hearing loss in the New Year:

1. Get a hearing exam
If you think you have hearing loss, make an appointment with your Audio Help audiologist now. Untreated hearing loss can lead to depression, reduced productivity and even cognitive decline.

2. Consistently wear your hearing aids
Even when wearing hearing aids gets challenging, resolve to keep them in. Your brain needs time to adapt to the new level of sound, so stay patient.

3. Meet other people with hearing loss
Audio Help proudly offers hearing rehabilitation classes and support groups for our hearing impaired clients and their families on the second Wednesday of every month. Contact us to learn more!

4. Explore new technology
In Manhattan, Audio Help regularly demonstrates assistive living devices in our offices. We also offer an in-home concierge service where we come to your home, fit your hearing aids and install assistive listening devices.

5. Be your own advocate!
Above all, become your own hearing health advocate. Mention your hearing loss to coworkers and utilize caption readers at the movies. This way, you’ll take better control of your hearing health.

Are you making hearing loss your New Year’s Resolution? Call Audio Help in Manhattan and New York City today at 888-832-9966 for more tips!