National Diabetes Month: How Diabetes Can Impact Your Hearing

diabetes 300x200Did you know that people with diabetes are twice as likely to have some degree of hearing loss? Studies have shown hearing loss was more evident in diabetics than non-diabetics, though researchers are still uncertain why.


Extended periods of unregulated blood sugar can permanently damage the blood vessels in your body, including your ears. Damaged blood vessels in your ears cause permanent harm to the hair cells which require steady blood flow to function.

What are the Signs?

Pay attention to your hearing if you have diabetes. Are you experiencing any changes? Have you noticed you don’t hear certain sounds anymore?

Watch for symptoms such as:

  • Frequently asking people to repeat themselves
  • Difficulty hearing conversations with more than one person
  • Difficulty hearing conversations in a loud environment
  • Tinnitus
  • Constantly turning up the volume on televisions, radios or headsets


Other external factors like exposure to loud noises, aging or infections can also affect your hearing.

How to Prevent and Treat Hearing Loss

Being proactive about your hearing health is the best way to ensure your ears are as healthy as possible. To Maintain healthy hearing, be sure to:

  • Turn down the volume on personal devices
  • Wear proper ear protection during noisy activities
  • Integrate exercise into your daily routine to maintain circulation and blood flow to your ears
  • Maintain a healthy weight to help your blood pump effectively
  • Schedule an appointment with an audiologist


Working with an audiologist is the best way to determine a course of action to treat your hearing loss. Hearing aids are the most common form of treatment and come in a variety of styles, but there are other ways audiologists can help.


They can also clear away any obstructions or fluids that are impeding your hearing and offer hearing tests to evaluate your level of hearing loss.


Audio Help Hearing Centers are proud to offer services to assist you with diabetes-related hearing loss. We have several locations including Stamford, CT and New York City and Scarsdale, NY. Call us at 888-832-9966 or schedule online.