New Technology: Rechargeable Hearing Aids

rechargeable batteriesAt the end of 2017, nearly every hearing aid manufacturer provides rechargeable hearing devices. The experts at Audio Help explain why you can consider the rechargeable option if you’re in the market for new hearing aids.

Save Money on Batteries

After the initial investment of the new hearing aid and the docking station, you will not need to purchase additional batteries. It also saves you a trip to the store when all you needed was a package of batteries.

Less Worry for those with Fine Motor or Vision Issues

Hearing aid batteries are small, making them difficult to handle if an individual has issues with their vision or motor skills. Using the rechargeable hearing aid docking station eliminates the stress of changing and handling tiny batteries.

Easy To Use

By placing your entire hearing device into the docking station, you don’t have to mess with changing or handling batteries. The docking station’s light indicator will let you know if your hearing aids are still charging or ready to be used.

The amount of use you can get from your hearing aids after charging them varies by product. Some products recharge overnight and last 24 hours. Others only need to be charged for a few hours to last 12-18 hours.

If you are in need of a hearing aid upgrade or are interested in learning more, contact Audio Help at 866-327-1464 to schedule a hearing evaluation.