Pros & Cons of Over The Counter Hearing Aids

For a fraction of the price, you may think over-the-counter hearing aids are the cost-effective solution to your hearing loss. While they have their advantages, it’s also essential to understand the shortcomings that accompany these hearing devices.

Pros of OTC Hearing Aids

Easily Accessible Hearing Aids: OTC hearing aids are relatively less expensive compared to hearing aids acquired through an audiologist or hearing specialist. Hearing aids are available at the pharmacy and don’t necessarily require a hearing test for purchase. This means more people have access to hearing technology.

Audiologists & Over The Counter Hearing Aids: Buying a hearing aid over the counter doesn’t mean you can’t take them to your audiologist. Inform your hearing specialist about your hearing aids and talk to them about possible adjustments. You’ll be able to benefit from professional care while maintaining your budget.

The Perk of Getting Tested for Hearing Aids

Traditionally acquired hearing aids are fit to your ear for optimal comfort. Once you’ve found a pair of hearing aids, your audiologist will conduct tests and set adjustments so ensure your devices provide long-term success. Your audiologist is also available to answer any questions you may have.

Elderly woman discussing over-the-counter hearing aids with a female audiologist

Cons of OTC Hearing Aids There Isn’t A Wide Selection

There Isn’t A Wide Selection: Most OTC hearing aids only treat mild to moderate hearing loss. There also is no guarantee that your local pharmacy will carry the style of hearing you need. This problem may cause some people living with hearing loss to select a hearing aid that’s not what they need, perpetuating their hearing damage.

You Miss Out On Audiology Services: Audiologists conduct thorough hearing tests – or audiograms – to identify your level of hearing loss. Professional testing also sets a baseline for your hearing, so your audiologist can easily detect deviations in the future.

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