Protecting Your Hearing Aids From Summer Weather

parkSummertime is coming, and with the rising temperatures comes the increased risk of hearing aid damage.

The salt and moisture that you produce when you sweat are the top summer enemies when it comes to your hearing aids – but one danger you probably didn’t think about was condensation.

The quick temperature change of moving in and out of the air conditioning not only increases the risk of moisture buildup in your hearing aid, but it also kickstarts your sweat glands to prevent you from overheating.

Moisture damage to your hearing aid can potentially cause distorted sound quality, decreased battery life, and inconsistent functionality. To preserve the life of your hearing aids during the summer months, try the tips below.

  • Remove your hearing aids when exercising outside or in warm weather.
  • Open the hearing aid battery door or place your devices in a dehumidifier or dry box to prevent moisture accumulation.
  • Keep your hearing aids out of direct sunlight or in a protective box when not in use.
  • Remove your devices before swimming, showering, going outside if it’s raining, or you’re entering other damp environments.
  • Apply sunscreen, lotions or other sprays before putting in your hearing aids. Applying them afterwards allows the oils to enter open seams, microphone parts or other small crevices in the hearing aids.

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