Put Your Hearing At The Top Of Your Holiday To-Do List

Image of family celebrating the holidays

Your holiday checklist may be jam-packed with shopping, gift wrapping and decorating. But before you check the next item off your list, take a moment to consider your hearing.


There’s nothing better than catching up with your loved ones during the holidays but hearing loss will make conversation difficult. Now is the time to act so you don’t miss out on any festivities.

Give Yourself the Gift of Hearing


If you don’t wear hearing aids, now is the time to consider seeing an audiologist who can determine the best aural rehab for you.


Wearing hearing aids reduces the amount of effort your brain puts forth trying to interpret sounds and keeps your mind stimulated and active. That lowers your risk for isolation and dementia since you’re able to stay socially engaged. Your ears also contribute to balance control, so treating hearing loss can reduce your fall risk.


At Audio Help, better living through better hearing is our philosophy. Improving your hearing is a gift you can give yourself, but it’s also a gift you can give your loved ones who will benefit from better communication. Getting used to new hearing aids may take time, so allow yourself to get accustomed to your devices before the holidays.


Know Before You Go


Preparation is the name of the game, especially during loud, festive parties. If possible, check out the venue before the party or arrive early to determine the best hearing locations.


Look for things like:

  • Carpeted floors and drapes that will help absorb background noise
  • Rooms and seats away from speakers or loud music
  • Quiet spots for one-on-one conversations away from the kitchen or dining room

Traveling with Hearing Loss


If you’ve ever traveled during the holidays, you know bustling airports are difficult hearing environments. Keep all hearing aid equipment and accessories in your carry-on bag, and print tickets and boarding passes before heading to the airport. Doing so will limit possible miscommunications in such a noisy environment.


And while there’s no place like home for the holidays, you may opt to attend gatherings virtually instead. Using video chats will help you stay connected to your loved ones during this festive time of year and makes attending family events quick and easy.

Best Communication Practices


Don’t let your hearing affect a single moment of holiday magic. Be open about your hearing loss and speak up for yourself. Your loved ones will be glad you did, and conversations will be easier for everyone involved.


Try these tips to help boost your hearing:

  • Ask people to get your attention before speaking to you
  • Stand closer to read facial expressions and lips during conversations
  • Indicate you need someone to speak louder by tapping your ear


If you need an extra hearing boost, you may also consider using hearing accessories. Table mics are assistive listening devices that amplify people’s voices in proximity to the receiver and send audio to your hearing aids. They’re excellent for enhancing voices around the dinner table, especially those seated away from you.


A TV streamer is another helpful hearing accessory that transmits audio directly into your hearing aids. Just plug the adapter into your TV and enjoy your favorite holiday shows and movies at the perfect volume just for your ears.


For more information about how Audio Help can help you prepare for noisy holidays, call 888-832-9966 or contact us online.